Writer/Filmmaker Theresa Brown and Singer/Songwriter Lindsey Wilson are artists who have not only created Meg’s world, but are truly living it. As talented creatives, these women have broken away from the bureaucratic fold to turn their dreams into a long-awaited reality.

The quest of the independent artist is a gutsy one -- laced with grit, drive, love and laughter. Meg’s story will resonate with anyone who has ever had a dream. Many of the episodes have real life scenarios that have actually occurred in the course of Theresa’s and Lindsey’s careers. Stories have been borrowed from many musician friends to make this series as honest as possible. Think of “Meg Ramsey” as Mary Tyler Moore with a guitar. And like MTM, Meg is going to make it after all.

A corporate maven straight out of Hampton University, Brookynite Lindsey has many years experience de- veloping marketing campaigns for leading media, entertainment and non-profit organizations. She is also a singer/ songwriter who won’t put her music on the back burner. Lindsey has contributed her original music to “BrooKenya” a soap opera series produced by Community Theatre Internationale. Lindsey’s theatrical/film experience extends to performing with comedienne/writer Emmy Gay, Mass Transit Theater and the Urban Youth Movement. Lindsey’s also worked as assistant music director for the theater production “Through the Fire” where she performed her original compositions. She also can attribute her songwriting talents to a number of film scores for filmmaker and director Theresa Brown’s Cinemagic Productions and is proud to add “Meg Ramsey” to her portfolio.
Photo credits: LYNN WILSON: Zach Lewis, Craig Bailey. THERESA BROWN: David Cruz.